Brainstorming on Right to Development
08-09 July 2015, Bibliothèque Solvay, Brussels

In the past 25 years, attempts to make the 1986 UN Declaration on the Right to Development (RtD) operational and move the RtD from political commitment to concrete practices have not borne fruit. Nevertheless, the RtD issue is gaining momentum. There is a strong link between framing the Post-2015 development agenda and framing the RtD, which is an element of the related package of negotiations. In addition, the UN Working Group on RtD is reaching a new cycle, and considerations for an international binding and enforceable legal instrument is on the table. In addition, some specific components of RtD, such as the right of women or the right to water, food, education or housing are developing on their own.

Therefore, the European Commission organizes a Brainstorming “Tacking stock on Right to Development” which will intend to informally review and take stock on the discussion on RtD, with a strong focus to demystify RtD and go back to basics on its concrete implications.

The event will include four panels, with the participation of prominent specialists, academics and officials from the UN Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the European Union Institutions and from the European Union Member States.

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