One week training on all you want to know on EIDHR/CBSS and Civil Society Facility
06-10 February 2012,


During the week of 6 to 10 February 2012, two complementary training seminars will be organised on EIDHR/CBSS and the Civil Society Facility. The seminars will take place in Brussels, Belgium. 

The 6 and 7 February sessions are organised in Brussels44 center: Boulevard du Jardin Botanique,44. Wednesday 8 February session will be held in "le Musé des Sciences Naturelles", Rue Vautier, 29. 

The CBSS/EIDHR seminar is a gathering of EC professionals from delegations around the world with, for most of them, long standing concrete field experience on the implementation of the EIDHR. The event is naturally intended to be largely about exchange of experiences and views. It is therefore expected that all sessions will entail questions, answers and interventions from participants. The Civil society Facility Seminar (8-9 February) is restricted to ENPI countries only.

There will be no translation. Working languages are French and English.


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