EU-AU Civil Society Seminar Human Rights Dialogues 2013
18-19 November 2013, Crowne Plaza Brussels - Le Palace, Rue Gineste 3, B-1210 Brussels

On the 18-19th of November the EU-AU Civil Society Seminar Human Rights Dialogues, funded by the EIDHR instrument, takes place in the margin of the 10th EU-AU Human Rights Dialogue.

The EU-AU Human Rights Dialogue entails regular sharing of experience on issues related to Human Rights, Democratic Principles and the Rule of Law in Africa and in Europe, with a view to overcome challenges and consolidate achievements.

This Civil Society Human Rights seminar is meant to compliment the EU-AU Dialogue and intends to bring together representatives from African and European civil society (25+25) to jointly discuss issues of interest for both continents.

This year the civil society seminar will be discussing the following themes: Security and human rights; the Domestic workers convention; and Land issues - state and corporate responsibilities. Furthermore the implementation process of recommendations made at previous CSO human rights Dialogue Seminars will be reviewed.

Information and updates on the forum can be found under The agenda will soon be available here.

The event will be held at the Crowne Plaza Brussels - Le Palace, Rue Gineste 3. Closest metro stop is Rogier.

N.B. Participation is by invitation only.


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