NEW EIDHR call for proposal : Establishing a European Union Human Rights Defenders Mechanism
01-15 December 2014,

The EIDHR regulation 2014-2020 foresees the establishment for the European Union of a Human Rights Defenders Mechanism (i.e. Article 2.1 (b)(iii)). This commitment is also enshrined in the EU Strategic Framework and Action Plan on Human Rights adopted by the Council on June 2012 (Action 17. Effective support to HRDs).
This objective and its operational components has been the object of extensive rounds of consultations and information involving  all institutional and non-institutional stakeholders in 2013 and 2014. The modalities for such a mechanism have been adopted by the College, with the support of Member States, the European Parliament and Civil Society Organisations, within the EIDHR Annual Action Plan and endowed with the appropriate budgetary allocation (AAP 2014 - Annex 1 component 3 “ Ensuring synergies and filling up the gaps: establishing a Human Rights Defenders mechanism”).
Therefore, the European Commission is announcing a call for proposals to put in place a European Union Human Rights Defenders Mechanism, including long-term assistance to HRDs and access to shelter.
 As provided for in the Annual Action Plan, the action will :
- ensure a stable and comprehensive EU support to HRDs,

- manage the EU temporary relocation initiative involving a range of stakeholders including cities and universities, and
- strengthen the coordination between HRDs initiatives and actors.
 The budget for this call will be EUR 15 000 000. Its  publication is foreseen around the first two weeks of December 2014. For more information, see the background documents.

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