Democracy and Human rights trainings

04 April 2011


The EIDHR is involved in the provision of training in Democracy and Human Rights issues for both civil society and EU institutions staff.

On the other hand the EIDHR Regulation foresees a continuation of the sustained support (since 2001) to the different activities organised by the European Inter-University Centre - a consortium of 41 European Universities from the 27 EU member states - including the support to the yearly European Masters Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation.

In addition to that, the EIDHR is currently financing 5 Regional Master's programmes in Human Rights and Democratisation through the system of Calls for Proposals. These are in Africa (University of Pretoria, since 2000), South-Eastern Europe (University of Sarajevo, since 2001), the Regional Master's in Latin America and Caribbean (University of Buenos Aires, since 2007), Asia-Pacific (University of Sidney, since 2007) and Eastern Neighbourhood region (University of Yerevan, since 2009) with the objective of providing assistance to regional networks for the training of specialists in the application of international human rights instruments.

List of EIDHR financed Masters: