Women's rights

Around the world, thousands of women's and girls if not millions are discriminated against because they are women. Many suffer from marginalisation in all sectors and they often face double discrimination because they belong to an indigenous group, because of being disabled, refugees, etc. Many of them survived all kinds of violence.

The EIDHR contributes to the empowerment and protection of these women and girls by actively supporting women’s human rights activists and gender equality advocates and their networks to effectively engage in decision making processes, voice their rights towards their fulfilment in all spheres, promote empowerment against all forms of discrimination and ensure protection and redress for all forms of gender based violence and prosecution of the perpetrators of such violence.

In doing so, the EIDHR contributes to the implementation of the EU Guidelines on Violence against Women and all forms of discrimination against them which constitute the framework of action of the EIDHR support and mark the EU’s clear political will to treat the subject of women’s rights as a priority and to take long-term action in this field.

Between 2007-2010 around 20% of EIDHR projects promoted and protected women and girls' rights across the world either as a specific or as a secondary priority (in total around 240 projects, circa 40 million euros).


Examples of projects:

  • Participation of women in the electoral process in Ghana (4 EIDHR projects targeting women's participation and leadership in different regions in Ghana, EU total combined contribution: € 1158332)
  • Empowering local community women leaders to become better decision makers and negotiators in Guatemala (Generando Governabilidad –Derechos Humanos mujeres y jovenes, by FUNDACION MUNDUBAT EU Contribution: € 419.506,45);
  • Enhancing political representation and participation of indigenous marginalized rural women in the election processes in South Kordofan State, Sudan (Towards active participation in the election process, by Sudanese Development Call Organization Association- EU contribution: € 60 000, targeting women among the Nuba population)
  • Protecting Women against domestic violence through trainings, law reforms, assistance and dialogue in Mexico (Living without violence in the State of Mexico: eradicating domestic violence against women and children, by Mexico Unido Pro derechos Humanos EU contribution: € 81 078)
  • Promoting the work of Women Human Rights Defenders in Nepal through capacity building and training on Security and Protection of Human Rights Defenders (Promoting Rights of Human Rights Defenders in Nepal, by Protection Desk Nepal, EU contribution: € 240,219,28)



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