EIDHR Forum 2014: Background Documents & Presentations
Protecting Those Who Protect
12-14 May 2014, Brussels Event Brewery, Rue Delaunoy 58, 1080 Brussels (Belgium)

Delivering on EIDHR (2007-2011)

EU Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy 2012

   Safety of Journalists and Journalists as Human Rights Defenders

 Transitional Justice

   Indigenous Peoples, Minorities and Caste

ecsc   Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ECOSOC)

   Extra-Judicial Killings and Forced Disappearances

Torture   Trial and Detention Monitoring 

LGBTI  Promoting the Rights of LGBTI People

  Women's Rights

Trial Observation

  Physical and Personal Protection

  • Workbook on Security: Practical Steps for Human Rights Defenders at Risk (EN, FR, ES, PT, RU, AR, ZH)


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