EIDHR/CBSS Seminar: Background Documents
One week training on all you want to know on EIDHR/CBSS and Civil Society Facility
06-10 February 2012,


Participants will find relevant presentations of the seminar:

"A new context, reform, Agenda for Change, MFF, mainstreaming and complementarity"
Kristian Schmidt, Director for Human& Society Development, DevCo D

"Gender and Investing in People programmes"
Marina Marchetti, Head of Sector Gender & discrimination, DevCo D1

"Democracy support, complementarity of tools"
Thomas Huyghebaert, Head of Sector Democracy, DevCo D1

"Governance and the rule of Law"
Petra Hagelstam, Head of Sector Governance, DevCo D1

"Follow up of the structured dialogue, Communication on CS Support to civil society and NSA line"
Virginia Manzitti, Deputy Head fo Unit DevCo D2

"Implementation modalities in the context of the new NSA&LA Annual Action Programmes 2012 and 2013"
Markus Pirchner, DevCo D2





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